Our Story

Our Vision


Infinity Spa & Salon was founded by Seretha Hall, a well-known Morgantown stylist. At her young age, she has already worked as the head stylist at the Waterfront Spa & Salon, one of Morgantown's most renowned spas. After the sudden closing of the business, and urged on by a raving client fan base, Seretha decided to start a salon that would reflect her own vision. The first step was to get the other top stylist from the Waterfront, Brandy Reckart, to get on board. Through Infinity, the two ladies are determined to keep proving their superior skill by delivering fabulous looks to all their loyal clients, as well as new ones.

At Infinity, we believe that beauty and style should not depend on the depth of your pocket. We provide the highest quality services at reasonable prices, which we believe distinguishes us from other salons in town. Also, speed and quality are not conflicting ideas in our eyes. We dare you to find a place that does services as fast and as good as we do! Ultimately, we believe that both beauty and style come from within. Impeccable attitude toward our clients is of greatest importance to us and we enjoy making sure you feel as good as you look.